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Puppy Session Training

Puppy Session Information Package

With eyes that can melt hearts, antics that offer endless hours of entertainment and love that holds no boundaries - it's no wonder a puppy's charm is so irresistible. Puppies can bring so much joy into our lives, but bringing one home is no small undertaking. Those charming bundles of bliss not only require love, but also time, care, attention, and training. As we all know, puppies don't remain puppies forever. Some of them will be loyal family members for upwards of fifteen years, making it essential that they become well-rounded adults - able to peacefully co-exist with us in our homes as well as be adapted members of our society.

A puppy's growth pattern in the first year is equivalent to the first fifteen years of human development. It is therefore important that owners focus on helping their impressionable pups become well-mannered and happy adult dogs. We at Billy Nudgel's stress prevention rather than cure and believe that raising your puppy correctly will pay dividends down the road.

Dogs have clearly defined developmental periods during which they grow not only physically, but develop psychologically as well. Billy Nudgel's Puppy Sessions focus on these stages of development, making owners aware of what to expect as their puppy grows. This enables owners to relate to and better understand their companions and their behavior. Such understanding empowers owners by allowing them to let their dog know what they expect in a way the dog understands.

Our invaluable Puppy Sessions focus on good planning and proper management - both keys in setting a puppy up for success. Sessions educate owners on dog-friendly and effective ways to quickly establish good puppy habits and manners and prevent bad behavior. We help owners navigate through the perils of puppyhood, teaching them how to cope with and conquer common behavioral challenges and teach basic household rules. Using positive training methods, we show owners how to shape and reward behavior and get their puppy under control.

Billy Nudgel's Puppy Sessions teach owners all they need to know in order to turn their puppy into a well-adjusted, confident and happy adult dog. We cover all the basics to get owners off to a good start for future training, whether they want to compete, or just have a well-behaved companion that is a pleasure to live with.

Puppy Session Outline

Most puppies want to be clean and all puppy owners want their new additions to be accident free a.s.a.p. Our simple housetraining guidelines teach owners how to keep mistakes to a minimum and clearly communicate acceptable bathroom behavior to puppies in no time. The road to housetraining can sometimes be a rough ride. Billy Nudgel's helps owners develop a personalized potty plan that will eliminate your housebreaking stress and lead you down the road to success!

Crate Training
Crates are wonderful training tools! When used properly, a crate is a safe, humane and effective training tool for dealing with nearly all puppy problem behaviors. However, used incorrectly, such as leaving a puppy crated too long, not exercising enough, or not introducing the crate properly, can make crates cruel torture devices. We at Billy Nudgel's believe that crates are an investment in your puppy's safety as well as your sanity. Our Puppy Sessions will leave you with important crate do's and don'ts that will ensure the crate is both your and your puppy's best friend!

Developmental Stages
Puppies mature at a rapid rate. Key stages of development offer windows of opportunity for emotional growth and training. Knowing the stages of canine maturity is vital in preparing and planning for the trials of puppyhood and helping your puppy grow into a confident, happy and well-mannered adult. Billy Nudgel's Puppy Sessions focus on taking advantage of these critical periods, ensuring that no opportunity for learning is missed!

Proper Socialization
Puppies arrive in our homes with very little experience and exposure to the world. Since they know very little about the world, it is normal for puppies to react to new things with fear and insecurity at first. It's up to owners however, to help puppies overcome their fears and prevent phobias from developing. Socialization is the act of making a dog social and comfortable in his world, but it does not boil down to mere exposure. Properly socializing your puppy involves a plan and a positive approach. Our Puppy Sessions focus on safe socialization, teaching owners how to recognize and deal with signs of stress and how to properly expose rather than overwhelm pups as they are introduced to a strange new world.

Positive Training Methods
Puppies need us to guide and teach them. Building a relationship of understanding and trust is key not only in bonding with our dogs, but also teaching them acceptable behavior. Employing training methods based on positive reinforcement allows us to strengthen behaviors as well as our relationship with our dogs. Billy Nudgel's believes in having the dog work for things he or she likes rather than obeying out of fear or to avoid punishment. Our Puppy Sessions emphasize positive motivational methods of training to shape and teach behavior and ensure that puppies happily work to please their owners!

Temperament Evaluation
Puppies are as individual as we are! Even within a litter of puppies there can be many differences in temperament. From outgoing and friendly to avoidant and fearful, it is important to recognize personality traits in order to build on individual strengths and minimize weaknesses. Temperament is one of the most important factors in the dog training equation. Our Puppy Sessions offer a professional evaluation of your puppy's temperament that will allow you to better understand him and allow us to develop an individualized training program that will help you bring out the best in your pup!

Proper Management
Setting your puppy up for success is a vital component of effective training. People experience problems with their puppy's behavior when they give too much of a good thing such as freedom and attention, and too little of the right things like training, exercise and rules. The main ingredient in the recipe for success is proper management. Managing a puppy's environment allows owner's to come to a middle ground between to much and too little. Billy Nudgel's considers everything from owner's busy schedules, family dynamics to floor plans when helping them set their puppies up to achieve training goals, respect boundaries and earn affection and attention through appropriate behavior.

Puppies explore the world with their mouths, so it is natural for them to chew. Puppy owners need to expect and plan for chewing as it is bound to happen, but most importantly be prepared to prevent bad habits from developing and damage from occurring. Because it is a natural part of their development, it is not realistic for owners to expect puppies to learn not to chew. Instead, we need to teach them what objects are appropriate for chewing. All too often owners go out and spend a fortune on chew toys for their mouthy pups and unknowingly make chewing problems worse! Puppy Sessions educate owners on how to effectively deal with their puppy's chewing, teach what to chew and not to chew and prevent this behavior from becoming a bad habit or a fun pastime!

Nipping, Mouthing and Biting
Nipping, mouthing and biting can be very frustrating for owners to deal with and can become a serious problem down the road if dealt with incorrectly. Puppies engage in these annoying behaviors for a host of reasons, from their version of a friendly greeting to a way of saying "No, I don't think so!" to anyone who expects them to do something they don't feel like doing. Determining why a puppy is engaging in nipping, mouthing or biting behaviors is the first step in solving this common behavior problem. Our Puppy Sessions will determine the reason your puppy engages in the behavior and set you up with a behavior management plan designed to teach the pup manners and prevent anything serious from developing.

Selecting Toys
Toy selection is one of the most enjoyable parts of puppy shopping! Many owners don't consider how the toys they choose can impact their pup. Some toys on the market can be hazardous to young puppies and certain types of toys can actually teach puppies to engage in unacceptable behavior and the number of toys that puppies have access to can also affect temperament and behavior. Owners will learn how to select appropriate and safe toys for their puppy as well as how to administer them without confusion during Billy Nudgel's Puppy Sessions.

Like children, puppies learn many skills and behaviors through play. Every new puppy owner will spend hours playing with and bonding to their puppy. Many people don't realize however, that our interactions with puppies teach them who we are and how much or how little to respect us. Playtimes with puppies are great times to teach and make learning fun! Billy Nudgel's teaches owners appropriate, educational and fun games to play with puppies as well as games to avoid!

Basic Commands: Sit, Down and Come
Puppies begin learning the moment they come through our doors so it's never too early to begin teaching basic behaviors and manners. Using positive reinforcement we can teach puppies as early as seven weeks the foundations of obedience. Our Puppy Sessions demonstrate how to quickly establish the basic commands sit, down and come as well as how to teach your new addition that his or her name means look, listen and good things will happen!

Behavior Problem-solving
Just as all puppies are individual, so are the problems that owners may encounter with their pups as they journey through puppyhood together. We at Billy Nudgel's take the time to listen and investigate problems that new owners may be facing to determine the causes and offer solutions to their troubles. We also offer continued support after Puppy Sessions are over to help owners deal with new issues that may arise as their puppy grows and changes.

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