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Considering A Canine?
Article By: Glenn Redmond

It's a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. As I sit here typing away at my computer, my faithful companion of 10 years lies at my feet. My mind floods with memories of long hikes together and I laugh as I remember my shredded car seat. Going into the store that day, I did not realize I was purchasing the most expensive juice I would ever buy.

When considering adopting a dog, there are many questions to be answered. The first and foremost: Should you be getting a dog at all? Dogs are social animals that require time and attention. They are a responsibility and every decision you make from now on must have the welfare of the dog in mind. You will need to consider the cost of feeding, grooming, training, veterinary care and boarding when you go on vacation.

So, you have accepted the above. Now it's time to be more specific as to what type of dog will fit into your lifestyle. Size is a major consideration, especially if you are thinking about a mixed breed puppy. The advantage of an older dog is that you already know how big the dog is going to be. Do not fall into the trap of equating exercise requirements and activity level with size. I know many Jack Russells that are far busier than dogs five times their size. Border Collies, though medium size, can go all day long and are certainly not the choice for the self-proclaimed couch potato. Longhaired breeds require much more coat care to prevent matting, but often shed less than their shorthaired counterparts.

Dogs are extremely instinctual animals and the breed's original purpose should be a consideration. If you just won an award for your prized gardens, than a terrier that was bred to dig, may not be the choice for you. Herding breeds, such as Collies, will herd anything that moves, including your children. If you dream of playing retrieval games with your new companion, you may be disappointed with a Husky. If the dog is a mixed breed, consider the characteristics of all breeds that make up the dog, though mixed breed instincts tend to be toned down considerably.

Most breeds are good with children, especially if raised with them, but children are not adults. Considerable research on how to raise any dog properly with children should be done. Kids should also be taught how to act appropriately around dogs.

The majority of dogs are incredibly loving and loyal animals, never judging and always there for us in good times and bad. In exchange for our time and care, they offer unconditional love, acceptance, humour and companionship, remaining devoted their entire lives. If you choose to adopt a dog and show a little patience, your life will be enriched forever.

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